GLB Fire Protection

About us

Specializing in fire protection, GLB Fire Protection offers its clients a turnkey service with its engineering, design, manufacturing and installation skills for all ranges of sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We are experts in complex systems needing to be developed as well as traditional systems for more than 14 years. Our services cover Canada  (West canada, Ontario, Québec, Nunavut and Nunavik territories and other canadian provinces).

GLB’s inpections, generated through our technological processes, is a digital inspection service offered across Canada where all operations are managed with cutting edge technologies. Manage your inspection needs and activities at your finger tips with your smart phone, electronic tablet or computer through our Inspection Portal.

GLB Fire Protection is a Fireaway licensed distributor, including Stat X First Responder 500. Access the Stat-X Portal for online purchases and accreditation. We are specialists in fire protection in Quebec and Canada.


Offer our industrial, commercial and institutional clients high performance fire protection systems in terms of complexity, adaptability and complementarity with all fire protection issues. Our employees, who are mobilized by challenges and innovation, work with great consideration for our distinguished clients, suppliers and partners.


To be a leader in fire protection and addressing fire safety and mechanics needs by offering outstanding technological services to our clients.


  • Always be an innovative company
  • Our team work allows us to work with great creativity
  • Fulfil our daily work with excellence • Have passion for expected results
  • Mutual respect is at the heart of our corporate culture
  • The environment and its sustainability represent for us the continuity of our beautiful company


2000 – To date

GLB Fire Protection was founded in 2000. The company was founded by an experienced and passionate owner and this passion grew over the years. It can therefore offer an array of services increasingly diversified including sprinkler system installation.