GLB Fire Protection

Pre-Action systems

Système pré-action

The function of a pre-action system remains the same as the conventional sprinkler system; it preserves the integrity of the building and protects a particular risk.


  • Noticeable difference with traditional sprinklers: pipes are under pressurized air instead of water;
  • A pre-action system will require less space than numerous inert gas cylinders;
  • This type of system prevents involuntary water damages that could be caused by unintentional activation of the system, compared to conventional sprinklers;
  • No toxicological endpoint since the extinguishing agent used is water.

Required Considerations

  • System used for very large areas to protect;
  • Even when used with a smoke detector to set off the sprinklers, it still requires heat to activate the sprinkler heads;
  • Causes collateral damages (water infiltration on lower floors, etc).

Environmental Sustainability

Limits the use of fresh water to put out fires when compared to firefighting interventions.