GLB Fire Protection

Wet pipe systems

Gicleurs à eau

The fire protection industry widely installs water sprinklers across the world.


  • Effective by the simplicity of their system, only the sprinkler heads activated by a rise in temperature will bring enough water to put out a fire at its inception;
  • Your first firefighter on the site of the fire. Minimizes water damages;
  • As soon as sprinkler heads are activated, water is immediately available. The fire extinction can be initiated within a 1 to 4 min period as compared to firefighters who require 15 min before fighting the fire.

Required Considerations

  • Room temperature must always be above 4°C (NFPA; A7-2);
  • Can generate water damages that will ultimately be minimal compared to a firefighter intervention along with fire damages.

Environmental Sustainability

Uses less fresh water than the conventional firefighting system.