GLB Fire Protection

Dry chemical

Poudre chimique


  • Low costs compared to chemical gases;
  • This technology is not subject to room sealing requirements associated with the saturation mode of ambient air and no integrity (fan test) tests are required;
  • System designed in advance (pre engineered);
  • Local application authorized;
  • Low cost of equipment maintenance.

Required Considerations

  • Causes collateral damages during release (dry chemical in protected area);
  • Not recommended for gun propellant and cellulose nitrate processes or storage;
  • Produces no cooling effect;
  • Hydraulic elements must be balanced;
  • Reduced visibility during release;
  • Ineffective against smouldering fires;
  • Not recommended for electric appliances or to protect expensive equipments;
  • Can leave corrosive deposits.

Environmental Sustainability

  • No global warming potential (GWP);
  • No ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Equipment Re-Activation Time

Relatively rapid but requires a significant cleanup.